Inside the Mediterranean sea’s ‘animal forests’: An encounter with the gorgonian corals

A diver inspects a human-sized purple gorgonian (Paramuricea clavata) in the 60-meter-deep, rocky bottom off the Côte bleue, north of Marseille. Credit: Romain Bricoult Gorgonians are an order of soft corals that belong to the large group of Cnidaria, which also includes hard corals, sea anemones, jellyfish and many other species. Gorgonians colonize the seabed […]

How has the African film industry evolved over the years? | Cyprus Mail

Film production and distribution of film remain a global dynamic growth sector, including in Africa, according to UNESCO. Digital technologies contribute to Africa’s emergence in this sector and include the 2,500 films made in Nigeria’s “Nollywood” annually. Across the continent, the film and audiovisual sectors in its 54 states account for revenues of US$5billion and […]

Russian Troops Suffer ‘Acute Radiation Sickness’ After Digging Chernobyl Trenches

Several hundred Russian soldiers were forced to hastily withdraw from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine after suffering “acute radiation sickness” from contaminated soil, according to Ukrainian officials. The troops, who reportedly dug trenches in a contaminated Red Forest near the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, are now being treated in […]