Freshwater influx to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea from the melting of the Fennoscandian ice sheet during the last deglaciation – Scientific Reports

Rossignol-Strick, M. African monsoons, an immediate climate response to orbital insolation. Nature 304, 46–49 (1983). ADS  Article  Google Scholar  Rohling, E. J., Marino, G. & Grant, K. M. Mediterranean climate and oceanography, and the periodic development of anoxic events (sapropels). Earth Sci. Rev. 143, 62–97 (2015). ADS  CAS  Article  Google Scholar  Grant, K. M. et […]

Humanitarian Service Point @ Sea: Central Mediterranean Sea | Population movement – 2021 Operation Final Report (Appeal №: MDR65005) – World

OPERATION TIMELINE Context 2013-2016: The Italian navy launches Operation Mare Nostrum, which ends in 2014 creating a notable gap in state Search & Rescue (SAR) services. In response the Italian Red Cross, supported by the IFRC and sister National Societies, was engaged in maritime Search and Rescue Operations in cooperation with the NGO Migrant Offshore […]

Historical sites in Israel to see on the Mediterranean

Israeli coastal cities are known to have been significant strategic stops for maritime trade. Various regimes controlled these port cities at different times in history, and from excavations it has become clear that wars were waged over these ancient port cities, leading us the understand that they held great geopolitical advantages for competing empires. Situated […]

Mediterranean Sea seen as hot spot for climate change |

Climate change is having a significant impact on the Mediterranean Sea, according to the National Network for Climate Change (Climpact) Dialogue Forum, which noted rising sea temperatures and increased salinity and sea levels. “The Mediterranean is a hot spot of climate change. The rise in seawater temperature is happening faster than in general,” said Dr […]